Leaving for the expat life ABROAD

There’s a point at which there is no further benefit to be had from cutting your living expenses. Maybe you’ve cut your frivolous expenses to the bone, limiting them to the basic food, shelter or clothing or even if you haven’t, there is a comfortable level of spending that maintains you a dignified lifestyle suitable to your and your family’s needs i.e. you can’t live like a hobo or a homeless person when in reality, you’re not. … More Leaving for the expat life ABROAD

Talk me out of paying off my car loan early

There are 14 months left on our car loan and our cash balances are enough to pay it in full right now. In order to simplify our lives, FH and I are contemplating paying off our loan early this October, or 9 months before the end of our loan term. This will mean a rebate or savings of PhP16,243.5/USD 312.00. The savings isn’t in six-digit territory but still, we wouldn’t mind such discount and owning our car outright.

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What if you started NOW?

As a personal finance advocate, I am happy to share what little I know about money, investments and budgeting styles. I am not a practicing economist nor a finance professional by any means but I have lived my budget for over 10 years and  write as I do and do not mind sharing personal experiences with money. Money is still a taboo topic in any country but by sharing my ordinary money adventures, I do hope to change that … More What if you started NOW?