My fourth million

On an early date night with Frugal Husband
On an early date night with Frugal Husband

It’s been a minute since I posted a net worth update. Being a married person, trying to monitor my net worth as an individual distinct from my husband’s net worth tends to get tedious and complicated.

By now, we definitely have intermingled each other’s money when we buy or maintain certain assets or bank accounts. That inter-mingling makes it all the much harder to monitor individual net worth but I try. Nevertheless, as a whole, our married net worth is getting better.

As for my individual net worth, it is

PhP 4,052,897.66 / USD 77,940.00

It is comprised of:

Real estate 39.1%

Stocks etc 21.43%

Cash 20.44%

Car 14.72%

Retirement 4.35%

We are mostly back to the old net worth where most of my assets are sunk in illiquid real estate. Pouring a whole lot of cash on that right now. Will write more on that later. =)

On the bright side, we are now at our fourth million. We did not set out on a net worth number this year as we were set on getting a piece of real estate instead. And you know how buying real estate has the effect of forced saving. Did it ever!

At the rate that we’re going and with the commitment that we took on, I hope to reach five million by year-end. It feels totally impossible right now of course but weirder things have happened. We shall see!

It’s the start of the -ber months and to ease up on my budget, I am contemplating doing my christmas shopping as early as October. Planning on adding one more event to my usual outreach thing this December. My sister has access or knows this place with a lot of under-privileged kids whom I’m more than happy to visit and amuse, at least for just a day. I hope my workload and schedule allow for these.

On the local front, we are currently on the receiving end of haze coming from the forest fires in Indonesia. It paints the sky a dull gray and makes everything all gloomy. It’s not that bad though and still fails to dull my optimism.

How do you budget for christmas shopping?


11 thoughts on “My fourth million

    1. Hi Pam, all assets, including real estate, are valued at acquisition cost. My real properties were paid in cash and there is no liability for me to account for at the moment.

      For pre-selling real estate, where one is still paying the equity or downpayment and no loan has been taken out yet, real estate is valued at the equity or downpayment that one has paid. This is technically “equity in installment purchase” and is deemed personal property as it merely represents your ownership interest over such real property.

      When you have already taken out a loan for your real property, this liability should be accounted for. The asset should be valued by computing:

      Gross selling price (as stated in your deed of sale) less liability (or your loan balance including the interest on the entire term of the loan)

      Others prefer to value their asset at current market value. It really depends on your preference as your net worth tracking is really for your own benefit.

      Personally though, I prefer tacking on the interest expense and all other transfer fees and other related costs unto the gross selling price to give me a realistic number of what it cost me in total to acquire the property. This number will guide me in future to set a sale price that will ensure net profit should I choose to dispose of the property.

      Which case is applicable to you?

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      1. First time trying to account for my net worth. I’m also married, but our finances are separate, but our place is conjugal. Do I just divide the net asset value by 2? I’m accounting for my individual net worth. Thanks in advance.


      2. Hi Che, that’s perfectly acceptable too. It depends on your preference. Personally I account for my money actually put into the asset. I’ve also been tracking my net worth since I was single so that makes it easier for me..

        Even after getting married, I like to track only my individual net worth as it makes me less complacent about our finances. Number would be higher if I account for husband’s net worth.


      3. Thanks so much for replying! I think I have more money put into the property because I bought it when I was single and I paid for the downpayment, but for convenience, I’ll just divide the value equally.

        Congratulations on reaching ₱4M! #goals 🙂

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  1. buy in bulk online! 11-11 sales had really good deals. honestly would not have survived christmas last year without shopee and lazada.


  2. Congrats on the milestone! For Christmas shopping, my wife bought stuff from Miniso in Malaysia during her business trip, which she said was cheaper than here. She also gets a 5k Sodexo GC from her work every December (instead of a xmas basket), so we just try to use that to buy gifts for family and close friends.


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