Barlife: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Ironman in fine form at Cafe Bai, Bai Hotel, Cebu City
Ironman in fine form at Cafe Bai, Bai Hotel, Cebu City

The bad and the ugly

The last two weeks have been hectic! I was handling one of those cases that had the simplest of facts and issues but the accused invoked the most annoying defense: denial** / lack of recollection. Every accused is presumed to be innocent but denial is most annoying as it doesn’t give you much to work with.

I once overheard someone say that you’ll never go to jail as long as you just keep denying your guilt. This just isn’t true. Denial is inherently weak and cannot prevail over direct evidence. You expect anybody to believe you on your word alone, especially when evidence shows the contrary?

The records of this case weren’t that voluminous but the number of accused as well as their annoying and conflicting defenses gave me little motivation to work on this. I had one of those 12-14 hour workdays where I came out of the office wondering where the sunshine went?!* I’m just finally happy to be rid of the case! Until the accused file a motion for reconsideration, I guess.

The good

The law industry tends to attract more or less the same types of people i.e. the type A personalities, control freaks, and people who work hard but still know how to have fun! These past two weeks were happily and fortunately capped off with a little bit of sports, some beer with a sprinkle of laughter. Similarly-minded individuals experiencing the same amount of work stress will tend to gather.

The best part of working on a difficult case is the finish line, or at least that part where there is a semblance of light at the end of the tunnel, or when you find a law or case that squarely supports your case theory. Majority of lawyering is research and writing and that aha moment of finding that one case that squarely fits your theory, feels so great.

How is your work week going?


*Because it was always evening by the time I left the office. =c
**Which coincidentally is among the weakest form of legal defense.

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