Net worth update 7 Feb 2019

Temple of Leah located in the mountains of Busay, Cebu City

It is cool weather and sunny skies here in Cebu City. Who else is enjoying this weather? This type of weather makes it easier to get to work in the morning without my makeup melting off even before I actually get there! Lol.

As the new year starts, my work targets refresh as well. Been pretty busy trying to meet such targets. With court hearings, pleading writing, and work-related writing, it can get pretty hectic working as a lawyer. I am simply buried in case files right now. Haha. I often have no idea how I’m going to find the time to finish the things that need to get done but we’ll get there.


Working off the stress


Happy to report that frugal husband and I still work out each week. At our best, we are able to go to the gym three times a week. At our worst, we work out just once. Whenever I feel overwhelmed at work, I find myself surprisingly looking forward to going to the gym after work. Exercise definitely helps me find my balance.

We mostly just do cardio and I’ve found that doing pilates after every workout helps prevent muscle pain (pamaol) the next day. I’ve been doing pilates since law school just to relax but never knew it prevented muscle pain. Having no muscle pain means quicker recovery and as frequent workouts as you wish.

Anyway, it is that time again to keep myself accountable. Wonder how I did so far! My current net worth is:


PhP 3,131,433.1 / USD 60,219.87*


It is comprised of:

Real estate              34.59%
Stocks, bonds, etc. 24.96%
Cash                         23.59%
Car value**            13.67%
Retirement              3.19%


Passive income

Even as we pledged to hoard more cash this year, I couldn’t help but buy more shares of my dividend-paying stocks in this market downturn. It is always nice to have more passive income. In 2018, 7% of income was earned passively, more or less the same 7% as in 2017. With a larger base*** for dividends, we hope to make more of it!


Looking to improve in 2019


I have simple goals for 2019. I simply hope to IMPROVE. Improve saving rate. Improve net worth. Improve work pace. Improve health. There is, as they say, always room to improve.

What are your 2019 goals?

To the next million,


*at PhP 52/ USD
**As always, car value is less depreciation. We expect this value to decline with the second year of ownership of such car.

***Dividends are paid per share. The more shares you have, the more you will receive in dividends. I’m referring to common shares. Preferred shares generally are entitled to a greater share of the pie.

2 thoughts on “Net worth update 7 Feb 2019

  1. Hi, George. Been following your blog. Congratulations on this latest net worth update. Just a question, since you’re already married, is your net worth just yours as an individual or together as a couple? And also, how exactly do you value your real estate asset—is it based on your equity, actual cost, or (estimated) market value? Asking these questions because I’ve only recently begun to track my net worth and I’m stumped with valuing real estate. Thank you!


    1. Hi, net worth updates are solely my own as FH is very private with his numbers and is shy about sharing them online. I realize that net worth updates should be higher if I take into account our joint assets.

      Real estate is based on actual acquisition cost (not in the classic accounting sense in that mine is inclusive of all transfer taxes and fees, move-in fees and other associated costs to acquire the asset) (Luckily no interest expense as my pieces of real estate are fully paid.)

      This more for my personal convenience should I later choose to dispose of the asset so I know what my floor price should be.


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