Net Worth Update 21 Oct 2018

novotel hotel Cubao Philippines araneta Cubao night skyline
Araneta Cubao night skyline

Hi guys! It has been about a month that I have been away from this blog. It wasn’t a deliberate vacation but a matter of circumstances. Work travel and a wedding anniversary took me away! Always nice problems though.

My current net worth is:


PhP 2,669,487.84 / USD 51,336.30


It is comprised of:
Real estate 40.57%
Cash 22.67%
Stocks etc. 20.96%
Car 13.93%
Retirement 1.87%

My biggest expense this month was for apparel–taking a huge 29.3% chunk out of this month’s income. I had to refresh my work blazers / suit jackets as my five year-old blazers were showing real wear. They were also becoming uncomfortable as I had put on some weight the past five years. It isn’t only unhealthy, but it is terribly expensive getting fat, too!

My industry, law, requires appearances in court where business wear is required. One has to attend hearings in court. Business wear may run from the female barong* or skirt/pant suits for women, and barongs and suits for men. The only time where it is acceptable not to wear a blazer or suit is when one wears a barong. As I have yet to find a female barong in stores, I’ve settled on wearing suits.

A work trip took me to Manila recently so I had the pleasure of shopping there. Cebu is great and all, but I have to admit, I terribly missed the wider and better selections of clothing and brands in Manila. There is just more to choose from, while the stock of clothes sold in stores here in Cebu is just bad, at least right now. I end up just not buying anything here. I really don’t understand why the stock of clothes sold by fast fashion stores is not uniform for each city.

So that’s my money update! How is your October so far?


*Barong is an embroidered formal shirt and usually made of pineapple fiber or linen. It is the Philippine’s national outfit.

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