Barlife: Hazards of the job

The Perfect Pint craft beer at Makati City Philippines
The Perfect Pint craft beer at Makati City Philippines

In my line of work I often get asked whether the job gets life-threatening at times. In all honesty, I personally have never experienced any threats to my life or limb. Yes, there are many potential threats to security that I am always wary about, especially with respect to controversial or high-profile cases. I remain cautious in dealings with adverse parties and always try to keep a low profile.

Lawyers shouldn’t be at risk as they are mere mouthpieces for their clients, more or less. We as lawyers advise clients on how to protect their life, liberty and property and act more as intermediaries than adverse parties. Thus, there is no need for any violence against lawyers. Removing the lawyer doesn’t effectively remove such from the equation as another one may always be obtained in his/her place.

Once you join this profession though one must be prepared to deal with some hair-raising situations as you may be asked to observe raids, deal with law enforcement, ensure that subpoenas are served, investigate and obtain evidence for your case. Sometimes situations may get a little tense but fortunately I never felt any immediate threat to my personal security. Or maybe I was just too buried in work to care. Haha.

There is one area of law practice where lawyers appear to enjoy shorter life spans—drug case litigation. I will not say anything more at the risk of sounding political. I’ll end this post right here and leave it for you to decide what area of law you practice .

What area of law do you plan to practice?


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