Three things to let go in your thirties

Gucci marmont and coffee. Always a good idea.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, I finally found the time to change the blog name to forever20somethinglawyer. Yes, it’s quite a mouthful but sometimes that can be a good thing, right? Haha. I am after all, in my early thirties now but will always feel like that 20-something office girl walking around in Makati. I will always feel young at heart!

I have to admit though that it took a while for me to adjust departing from my twenties. I recall turning 30 and thinking, holy sh*t I should act responsibly on the daily now, instead of just, you know, the workweek! Hahaha. If you’re turning 30 or have trouble letting go of your twenties, don’t fret! It’s perfectly fine to be where you are. Here are three things to let go in your thirties:


Finding the “One.”


It’s okay if you haven’t found the “One.” Sure, your parents are subtly pressuring you to get married and settle down already and people always ask that rude question, “when are you getting married?” As if marriage is supposed to validate your existence, right? How about feeling lucky that you dodged a bullet by not settling for that ex-boyfriend of yours who just wasn’t right for you? Settle for the wrong guy and you set yourself up for a lifetime of misery or a quickie annulment/separation.


Going out tonight.


It’s perfectly fine if you just want to stay in and not go party tonight. It’s okay if you don’t bounce back from a hangover like you used to. Energy doesn’t flow like it used to and you’re less likely to desire suffering through an evening of small talk with a bunch of strangers. There is lower tolerance for talking to idiots or meeting acquaintances you hardly know. Evenings out may become fewer but their quality will probably be better than before as you screen the people that you actually spend your precious time with.


Landing your dream job.

It’s quite alright if you haven’t landed that dream job. Not everyone reaches their full potential at 30! Don’t believe me? Doctors are still in training (and earn as such) at 30 while some people are still just enrolling in law school. Don’t compare your middle to someone else’s finish line as each person runs at their own pace. If you’re breathing and have a job, consider that a blessing. Not everyone gets to live until 30.

If you had your quarterlife crisis in your twenties, my hats off to you. The earlier you acknowledge and experience it, the better, as you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to handle yourself and make your way through a crisis.

What did you let go when you turned 30?




For those of you who linked to this site (big thanks for that by the way!), you may notice the web address has changed ever so slightly.  FYI should you wish to update your web links. =)

5 thoughts on “Three things to let go in your thirties

  1. When I reached 30, I started listening to myself more and less to other people. Best decision ever!

    P.S. You changed your URL lang pala. I initially thought you deleted your blog until I saw your link somewhere. 🙂


  2. nice post george. i did not land to that dream job of becoming a soldier and serve the country , instead i became a business woman.

    i still feel envy when i see women wearing police and military uniform.



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