Net worth update 16 March 2017


It’s almost a quarter into the year, how are you doing on your financial goals? I’ve been having a little too much fun lately but to keep myself accountable to an audience, here’s my updated net worth:

PhP 1,512,891.98 / USD 30,257.84

This is comprised of
Cash 23%
Stocks and other investments 23%
Real properties 53.5%

My liquidity is a little better this time. I’m a lot closer to the two million mark! Less than half a million to go. I can barely believe it… I hope to not only make two million this year but also surpass it by year-end.

With summer approaching, I have some trips lined up so it’s becoming a challenge to maintain a 60+% saving rate. I’ve been averaging 40-50%. This failure to maintain a better-than-average saving rate brings guilt feelings every now and then but I have to remind myself to smell the roses sometimes too!

Frugal husband and I are pretty much enjoying our newlywed bliss and his free time before grad school. Hopefully once we’re more settled, so can my saving rate settle back to the high 60s.

To the next million!

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