Hiking in the city


As an outdoorsy girl, one of my main frustrations while living in Makati was the complete lack of nearby places to hike. Makati is a concrete jungle and there is just no room for trees or hike trails.

I had to make do with jogging at the ayala triangle. On the weekends I “hiked” or biked around at Nuvali, Laguna. With its man-made lake and nice surroundings, it was okay. Still, Laguna is quite far just for a leisurely hike.

Here in Cebu, I have the fortune of living near a hike trail that is within walking distance from my place! How a hike trail even exists within the city limits is beyond me but I’m so grateful!

Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd is a cemetery (?) slash venue for holy week events that is located atop some mountain in Banawa, Cebu.

The exit 

The terrain starts from a highway and then leads up to what is now a posh subdivision (pretty soon the mountain might be turned into a subdivision, sigh). The trail itself is beginner and can be done by just about anybody. I discovered it as my mom took me with her.



Frugal husband and I chose to start our trail from our place and then made a stop at Paseo Arcenas’ Rustans grocery area to stretch. We quickened our pace until we reached the peak and saw the statues.


Initially, there is a steep and rocky narrow road to traverse but it’s very doable. Just wear sturdy shoes.


It is ideal to start the hike before sunrise and then reach the peak before the temperature becomes too hot.

Once you arrive at good Shepherd, you will see the skyline of Southern part of Cebu City – the SRP coastal road, SM seaside etc.


Hiking has many health benefits. There is the exercise, fresh air and relaxation for your mind. The peak is a place to unwind and get away from the city, even for just a while.


The best part about this hike trail – it’s totally free! Perfect for a frugal date or family outing. (If so, please always be reminded to leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures and kill nothing but time)


Where do you hike in your city?



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