Frugal shopping at Carbon, Cebu


Prior to being married, I seldom, if never, dropped by Carbon public market. Even while living in Makati, I used to shop at Landmark Makati for my grocery needs – vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and others. While in law school in Quezon city, I relied on Trinoma grocery for food. I plainly did not know how to do palengke (public market) shopping!

I totally missed out

I was afraid to shop at palengkes (public markets) in Manila as there were often news of double dead meats being sold and most importantly, security is a bit dodgy there. I lived alone and I just couldn’t risk (or was too afraid) going to the palengke alone!

Also, let’s face it, it’s just so convenient to shop at air-conditioned malls.

My first time shopping alone at Carbon

Now that I’m in Cebu, I am braver to venture to the palengkes as I’m in my turf now. I was on my way to church at the Basilica del Sto. Nino when the vehicle I was on passed by Carbon. My mouth just watered at the pineapples and other fruits on beautiful display.

On a whim, I got off the vehicle and went to the fruit stand. Knowing that the mall grocery store price of pineapples that time was high (they weren’t in season), I was prepared to bargain. But upon asking the price, I was amazed that the price was more than half cheaper than at the mall. I was pleasantly surprised indeed.

Shop for fruits and vegetables at Carbon

So now, I am dipping my feet in the water and now start to shop for fruits and vegetables at Carbon. I’m not too confident at picking meats and fish so we still buy those at mall groceries.

Frugal husband and I now regularly make Carbon public market part of our Sunday itinerary! Here’s what we got for a mere PhP 335.00 (USD 6.7).


¼ kilo tomatoes
½ kilo cucumber
A handful of spring onions
3 pieces of sayote
6 pieces Ponkan ,
8 pieces fuji apple
¾ kilo banana
About 2 kilo jackfruit (yum!)

As you can tell, my PhP 335.00 really goes far at Carbon! As a comparison, 13 pieces of ponkan at a mall grocery recently cost me PhP 113.00 (USD 2.26). Can you imagine how much all these would be at the mall!?

Where do you shop for groceries?


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