Are you wealthy?


Every once in a while you wonder how you’re doing financially, relative to the rest of the world. What you deem to be financially “getting by” may be wealthy in another part of the world.

Get some perspective

I’m late to the party but I just discovered this site where you just input either your assets or income and your country. The site then generates your ranking in richness, relative to the rest of the world. Plainly speaking, you get to know what percentile of wealth you belong.

The site also gives a visualization of your assets, such as how many families your assets could feed in certain countries, how many people’s incomes comprise your assets, etc. All these details really give you perspective and maybe an alternative view of looking at money.

Money as an illusion

We talk, spend and think about money so much it is nice to get a little perspective. I submit that money may be viewed as an illusion. Legally, it is a medium of exchange for goods and services.

If you don’t have money, it wouldn’t be the end of the world as long as either: you have the skills to provide your own goods and services or you live in the forest / have access to a farm!

We all know our basic needs are just food, shelter and clothing. If you live on a farm, you get the food, shelter clothing pretty easily by just harvesting fruit/ veggies. You can construct your shelter or clothing using the raw materials from the forest / farm. It goes without saying that you need the necessary construction / sewing skills.

Should you live in the city, you may skip paying for goods or services by making / growing your own food and acquiring the necessary skills such as plumbing , electrician skills etc.

These sound complicated and not doable to me, because I wasn’t even taught how to sew, other than at school. I knew how to sew once, but from lack of practice, I don’t anymore. I can barely cook lol. But I’m sure there’s a large segment of the population for whom these things are basic. Lucky for them, money won’t ever be a necessity!

To show my point, let me tell you about my mom! She grows almost all the veggies and some fruits she eats on her own garden. She grows these organically, using natural fertilizers such as compost, which means they are healthier and cost next to nothing. She can sew clothes, do basic household stuff like change a light bulb, install things and drill stuff. She’s quite handy around the house. All these skills allow her to dispense with paying money for some household services and even food and some clothing. I’m hoping to learn all these things too, someday.

Anyway, the point is, in the event of an apocalypse or war where money wouldn’t work as legal tender, self sufficient people who grow their own food and have useful skills would survive. Money may really be just an illusion, after all.

So, if you’re late to the saving game and have zero properties but have lots of experiences or travel under your belt, don’t fret! If you you can provide yourself with the goods and services you pay money for right now, you can eventually do away with money entirely, or at the very least, lessen your dependency on money as a mode of exchange.

Personally, I have minimal life survival skills.  In a pinch though, I think I might be able to survive living in the wilderness!(?)

What useful life skills do you have?


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