Review of attraction:10,000 Roses Café in Cebu


A new attraction recently opened in Cordova, Mactan Island, Cebu. 10,000 Roses Café is, as the name suggests, a coffee shop located by the sea, particularly on the edge of Cordova wharf.

It is said that 10,000 Roses is patterned after a similar-looking (but I guess with real live flowers) tourist attraction in Korea, which I personally haven’t seen, yet. The café’s front perimeter is surrounded by 10,000 white LED Roses, which light up at night.

The synthetic roses are “planted” on the ground in carefully arranged rows. The sides are now held up by nylon string to prevent errant tourists from destroying these roses. Apparently some tourists go so far as to step in the middle of the field of roses in their quest for a perfect selfie, and end up stepping on the long stems.


How to get there

The best time to come is at night so that you can fully appreciate the lights from the flowers. Make sure you have time to spare if you come here as Cordova is located at the tip of Mactan Island. The roads are narrow and some are currently undergoing repair, resulting to massive traffic. Not only is this place far but the traffic is bad as well!

There is no public transportation available to directly take you to this café. For the adventurous, you may opt to have a jeepney drop you off and take a tricycle and tricycad all the way to 10k Café. There are also a lot of habal-habal drivers available once you get to the wharf to take you back so no need to worry.

The place is located just right beside Lantaw restaurant and is located right on Cordova wharf.

If you’re at the airport and have time to spare, your location would be most ideal as you’re near Cordova already!



This is one date that won’t break your budget!

The café itself doesn’t charge any fees for entrance. However the municipality of Cordova now charges an environmental fee of PhP 20.00 per person.


What NOT to expect

Fields and fields of flowers! I mistakenly expected a vast land area filled with flowers
I was wrong. The land area is limited since it is located on the edge of the wharf itself. It is nowhere near a field. The road that leads up to it is filled with mangroves. Beyond the café is already seawater.

I also have safety concerns since the wharf doesn’t have any railings on the side so people could potentially fall off while doing a selfie! The entire place is dimly lit. The only lights come from the roses.

Nevertheless, once you enter the area, it feels surreal to be surrounded by all these flowers- they’re all white, long stemmed and swayed with the night air. In the distance, the Cebu coastal road of SRP is visible with its city lights with a backdrop of urban skyscrapers. It was such a beautiful sight and feels especially romantic when you’re standing there with a loved one.  This is the perfect place for holding hands and hugging your loved one.

We came at 10pm ready to have coffee too but the café closed already. I hope the café extends its operating hours, at least while the public interest in the café is strong.

It was quite a long drive but totally worth it. I may not be coming back anytime soon though because of the distance and traffic!

Have you been to 10,000 Roses?


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