The Emergency Fund: Cheap price to pay for your peace of mind

In between the house and that trip to the doctor’s clinic, my thoughts turned to morbidity and the short length of our lives. If this lump turns out to be fatal, would I have time to enjoy my million? We work so hard and sacrifice so much, it would be such a shame to die early and be unable to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. … More The Emergency Fund: Cheap price to pay for your peace of mind


Choosing the less prestigious job

Several opportunities have recently come my way. These involve jobs in the private sector – particularly in-house counsel positions in prestigious corporations. My fondness for corporate law practice and the flattery that came from being given these opportunities led me to pursue them for a while. … More Choosing the less prestigious job

My first million

While writing my last net worth update, I noted that I had Php 41,330.85 to go before I made a million. I estimated that it may take me a few more months before then. I wishfully hoped that I made my million at least before I get married or before I turn thirty. … More My first million

The Millenial Urban Poor

There is a new kind of poverty that is rising among millenials. According to this story, millenials are spending more to look good, appear on trend and appear full, rather than buying more food to actually feel full. Looks and the appearance of eating at nice restaurants, while literally starving for most of the day, is given more value. Thus, most working millenials end up starving and broke. … More The Millenial Urban Poor