Rethinking the “Early Retirement” portion of FIRE

In the Philippines, there is only one money blogger (that I know of) that has ever retired early–in her early 30s(!). She’s that Cebuana chick over at Pinasforgood. Post-retirement life has been good to her. Her last post was at the end of 2019. … More Rethinking the “Early Retirement” portion of FIRE

My Sixth Million

After a self-imposed ban against posting a net worth update (to empathize with fellow Pinoys who have lost their livelihoods during this pandemic), I’m back! I have to admit, without the feeling of accountability that these updates bring, I have been slacking in monitoring net worth or saving rate. Writing these posts requires me to take pen to paper and calculate my numbers. It’s the only time that I get to check what’s been coming in and going out. … More My Sixth Million